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Imprint permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition of the round table for a Rummelsburg memorial site commissioned by the Lichtenberg district parliament and district administration, represented by the mayor of Lichtenberg, Andreas Geisel.

Funded by 'Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten' with support of 'Mauerfonds der Bundesregierung' and 'Bezirk Lichtenberg von Berlin'.

Projekt management: Rainer E. Klemke

Conception and Design: Helga Lieser with Peter Francis Lewis and Jens Henningsen
Exhibition construction and assembly: Fa. Kreativ Metall Bau
Print and assembly: Fa. Heerlein Werbetechnik
Image editing: Edgar Lieser

Curator and author: Thomas Irmer
Proofreading: Christine Steer
Translations: Robin Benson

Our thanks to: BSTU, Landesarchiv Berlin, Stadtmuseum Berlin, Archiv der Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft, Bundes­archiv, Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Ullstein Bild and AKGimages.

We also thank: Hannelore Dege, Christoph Hamann, Annette Hinz-Wessels

Our special thanks to the former prisoners.

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